Global Citizenship

Students of varied nationalities, abilities, ethnicity, sects and gender are welcome to our school and we seek to accept all students who apply.

Inclusive Policy

The school supports the concept of inclusive teaching / learning and accepts applications from parents of students with determination. Parents or guardians of any applicant having a specific need are requested to submit relevant reports along with their application. In the case where a child’s specific need has not been previously identified, the school reserves the right to review the situation in order to assess the capacity to address his / her needs within their existing level of provision. The class placement of the student will be based on the previous educational record, age, assessment result, Ministry and KHDA requirements.

Placement Assessment

All applicants will have to undergo a placement test which will be reviewed by the Principal and Senior Leadership Team. Assessments for admission are set in the English language and we support students from non-native speaking communities too. The students will need to complete a numeracy, writing and reading assessment or an assessment specific to students with special and additional needs including English Language Learners. Those below the age of 5 may be given an oral assessment and a face-to-face interview may also be undertaken with the relevant school authority to determine school readiness.

Placement Criteria

The selection of students is based on multiple criteria as follows:

  • Placement results
  • Previous school results and reports including IEPs, if applicable
  • Age appropriateness for the year / grade level to which admission is sought
  • Transfer Certificate from the previous school
  • Vacant seats per grade
KHDA Student Registration

All students must be registered with the KHDA and parents must sign the Parent School Contract within one month of the start of the academic year. Failure to do so may result in suspension from school. This process is meant for new joinees only.